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Budget & Finances
1-Year or More

Say I Don't to Debt

You know that weddings can be very pricey, so you need to decide how much you can afford to spend on your big day. Check out this great article from Nerd Wallet, that gives some tips on how to keep your budget in check.

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Shawn Connell
Photo: Shawn Connell

Wedding Day


We’re frequently asked how much time is needed for couple portraits on the wedding day. The short answer—as much as possible. The more in depth answer is that it depends on on the type of couple and how many quality photos they would like.

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1-Year or More

Ask your guest for an unplugged ceremony

This is such an important part of your wedding day! Help your photography and cinematography team by asking your guest to put their recording devices away. Enjoy the moment and let us capture it.

Preston Bailey Staff
Photo: Preston Bailey Staff

Celebrations / Parties
Wedding Day

Create A Great Guest Experience

I have a list of Ten “DO's and DONT'S that I always try to bring to every wedding that I do. Read on to see what they are.

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Elizabeth Fogarty Photography
Photo: Elizabeth Fogarty Photography

Groom & Groomsmen
6-Months Before

Groomsmen Gift Box Inspiration

Ideas and inspiration for creating custom curated gift boxes for your groomsmen or even the groom himself.

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Ceci New York Staff
Photo: Ceci New York Staff

Invitations & Stationery
3-Months Before

Make a Special Request at the USPS

Be sure to take your invitations to the Post Office and request to have them hand cancelled. That way, they won't run your beautiful invitations through their machines and potentially ruin them. NOTE: not all post offices offer this option.

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Courtesy of Pantone
Photo: Courtesy of Pantone

Wedding Planning

How To Use Pantone's Greenery

Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year for 2017 is Greenery! I love this year’s pick, which Pantone describes as a “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade.” Read on to see how you can incorporate this color in your wedding.

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Colin Cowie Staff
Photo: Colin Cowie Staff

Budget & Finances

The Biggest Wedding Budget Don't

Don’t think quantity over quality. Pick three things and do them well rather than 5 things on the skinny. Spend your money where your guests will get the most out it.

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Fred Marcus Studio
Photo: Fred Marcus Studio

Food & Drink

Choose a locally-inspired menu

Planning a destination wedding? Let the local food become a design element. Food is another way to tie in the local culture by using fresh meats and produce from the surrounding areas.

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How It Works: It's All About Tips

Finding what you are looking for is easy when information is organized.
Tip Example

Finding Information Is Easy!

A Tip is the perfect way to provide a quick snippet of text that illustrates valuable advice while optionally linking to an external web resource that supports the tip content.

What's In A Tip?

Each tip posted on Newlybride is easily identifiable. Descriptive icons let you quickly know if the tip represents a do, don't, or how to.

Other information includes the Category, Date Range, and Photo Credit.

Advice: For Better, For Brides

Every tip posted on Newlybride thoughtfully answers a do, don't or how to.


Learn what to do in almost every situation from those who have already gone down the aisle.


Avoid many of the unforeseen issues that arise during the wedding planning process.

How To's

Gain insights on everything from coordinating with your vendors to the best do-it-yourself techniques.

Why Newlybride: Everyone's Perspective Matters

The next evolutionary step for all things bridal on the web

What is Newlybride?

Newlybride is a (structured) social network that incorporates the best of bridal, the best of social media, and the best of technology. And, we’re bringing it all together in one truly magical way.

Unlike other social networks, Newlybride requires that each post is concise in content, and in meaning. Posts are brief Tips that illustrate a wedding do, don't, or how to, categorized by standard wedding categories. The member posting the Tip also has the option to provide a weblink to any addition article or resource that may support the content of the published Tip.

Different Points of View...

When everyone chimes in on a pre-organized wedding topic, the result is a phenomenally rich symphony of ideas from virtually every point of view.

For example, the perspective that a photographer has about a wedding venue may provide valuable insight that could impact the overall color palette of a wedding. The possibilities are endless!


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