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Photo: Brian Dorsey Studios | #NBExpert

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Larissa Cleveland
Photo: Larissa Cleveland

Wedding Planning
Wedding Day

Must Have Add-Ons for the Day Of

As your wedding day approaches, you may find yourself obsessing over the Wedding Day Timeline. Although this Master To-Do list seems to incorporate everything, BRIDES shares 6 things to make sure to add. Our fave is #2 - make time to eat:

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Colin Cowie Staff
Photo: Colin Cowie Staff

Budget & Finances

The Biggest Wedding Budget Don't

Don’t think quantity over quality. Pick three things and do them well rather than 5 things on the skinny. Spend your money where your guests will get the most out it.

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Christian Oth
Photo: Christian Oth

Wedding Day

How To Get Your Wedding Unplugged

A wedding ceremony has the tendency to bring out the inner photographer in many people, so the amateurs come out with their own devices. Your guests may need to be reminded so here are 5 tips on how to get that wedding unplugged:

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Mindy Weiss Team
Photo: Mindy Weiss Team

Bridal Attire & Gown
Wedding Day

Wedding Dress Prep

You’ve got your dream wedding dress, it’s altered to perfection and now the wedding day is quickly approaching. So how do you keep that beauty in pristine condition on the day of? Here’s what to do:

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Fred Marcus Studio
Photo: Fred Marcus Studio

Wedding Planning

Let the Location Lead

When you choose a location with scenic views you don't have to bring in a lot of decor. You can allow nature to be the biggest design element in your destination wedding,

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Dan Lecca Photo
Photo: Dan Lecca Photo

Wedding Day

How to hold a Bouquet

Wedding photos are passed down the generations. A tip for brides to make a lasting image is to hold your Bouquet low at the hip. This allows your waist to be visible from every angle and the bodice of your gown will not be hidden from view.

Preston Bailey Staff
Photo: Preston Bailey Staff

Wedding Day

Pay Attention to the Bathrooms

A beautiful tray with perfumes, plush hand towels, a scented candle and a basket with small last minute essentials such as dental floss, Q-Tips, or Listerine Strips can go a long way to make bathrooms extra special for you and your guests.

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Marigold & Grey
Photo: Marigold & Grey

Gifts & Registry
3-Months Before

What to Include in Wedding Welcome Gifts

Ideas for what to include in your wedding welcome gifts from edibles to amenities to keepsakes.

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Fotos by Fola
Photo: Fotos by Fola


Courthouse Weddings

A courthouse wedding can be intimate and chic. Put together a minimal floral arrangement to add some decor. Wear a cute little white dress. And tie the knot in style without breaking the bank. But don't skimp on your photographer!

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